At Executive Search, we assign you a project manager to act as your partner in the search and recruitment process. Your project manager gets to know your business and your needs, and keeps you posted from start to finish.

Stage 1- Initiation

We meet with the HR manager and other relevant company representatives to learn about your company. We assess your overall needs and current challenges, your business model and portfolio. We discuss your strategic vision, your business environment and culture and the key positions you need to fill. We define job specifications and determine the characteristics critical to a candidate’s success.

Stage 2- Research

We prepare a detailed search plan based on a systematic methodology but with plenty of room for insight and innovation. We, then, conduct research and market analyses to identify sources, prospects and a list of target organizations.

Stage 3- Identification

Through our personal networks, databases, and other reliable resources, we prepare an extensive list of potential candidates, and, only once we have obtained permission to approach them, we assess the resulting list and prepare a “best and final” list for your scrutiny.

Stage 4-Evaluation

We approach those candidates of interest to you, evaluating them in terms of experience, ability, personality, work style and temperament through in-depth interviews and reference checks. As we proceed, we fine tune the search criteria and evaluate other candidates as needed.

Stage 5- Presentation

In order to decide which of the outstanding candidates you should meet, we send you confidential written evaluations detailing individual key competencies measured against your job specifications and personality profiles. We help you arrange to meet your preferred candidates and immediately follow up to assess your level of satisfaction and help you decide on your next step.

Stage 6- The Offer

Once you have made an offer to your preferred candidate, we remain available to help throughout the negotiating process. We stay in touch with both you and your candidate to promote good communications, a smooth transition and the good will of everyone involved.

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